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Magento Reward Points

When you acquire a new customer to your online store, you want them to return to you over and over again. But how can you be sure they will come back? By launching Reward Points Magento, you'll be able to offer your first-time customers some kind of bonus to achieve customer-retention, so that you get repeat visits from them, which will increase your profits. Magento Reward Points is the best choice for every long-term magento online shop and the pro online maketer who want to running an effective customer rewards program.

Things you get when using Magento reward points extension

Magento Reward Points benefits
It is designed to maximize Customers engagement in your store by many useful features. You just have to make payment one time to have this extension (no monthly fee required), then run your own customer rewards program and enjoy our free lifetime support and update.
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How it works

Magento Reward Points how it work

Earning point activities

There are many ways for customers to earn points when they interact with your site: Sign up, Purchase products, Refer friends, Review products, Tag products and Take polls. You can set exactly the number of points that Customers can earn for some actions, for example: 2 points for Signing up, or 6 points for a product review.

Magento Reward Points earning-point-activities

Earning rules

Did you know that you can use reward points programs to promote specific products and also encourage Customers to spend more? By applying special earning point rule to some products and shopping carts, you will see that a customer rewards program is really an effective marketing tool! Look at the example below:
Magento Reward Points earning-rules

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